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Superior facilities for today's business guest

Turn Cost into Profit

You know that today's business guests demand more than comfortable bedrooms and fine dining. They want to be able to work from their hotel, finalising today's tasks and preparing for tomorrow's.

Providing the superior facilities that give your hotel a wow factor can be expensive but ITQ's Business Facilities turn this cost into a source of profit.

Your profits are derived from an innovative and unobtrusive charging system that allows you to add a small charge to your guests’ bills for each page they print. It’s simple, secure and automatic.

Your guests have the superior facilities they appreciate and you turn an expensive overhead into a valuable source of profit.

Exceeding Expectations

What sets ITQ's Business Facilities apart is their ability to offer your guests wireless printing facilities wherever they happen to be, on whatever device they carry with them, without the complexity of installing extra software. It is simple, fast to set-up and incredibly convenient for you, your staff and your guests.

An All-Encompassing Solution

Our Business Facilities package includes everything you need to offer superior business facilities to guests: computers, printers, multifunctionals, business software and high-speed wireless connectivity. It is a totally flexible solution that is always tailored to your budget, your staff and your hotel.

Turn Cost into Profit

Generate revenue from business centre printing.

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