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Superior facilities for today's business guest

Provide Superior Facilities

ITQ's Business Facilities give your guests unrivalled business support facilities. Guests will appreciate the fully-equipped business centre and ability to print wirelessly from anywhere in your hotel - rooms, bars, restaurants, etc.

This gives them the one IT resource they can’t carry in their briefcase: flexible and convenient printing:

  • If they want to work on confidential data, they can work and print from their room.
  • If they want to discuss ideas with colleagues they can work and print from the bar.
  • If they want a more formal gathering, they can work and print from a meeting room.
  • If they just want to catch up while they have some spare time, they can work and print from their dinner table.

Turning Appreciation Into Loyalty

What ensures loyalty to your hotel is your ability is to continually renew your business centre facilities. ITQ's Business Facilities generate the financial support that underpins this continual reinvestment. Guests pay a small fee for each page printed and the charge is added to their checkout bill.

Supporting A Programme For Growth

The continual revenue stream also allows you the flexibility to build facilities as your budget permits, starting with a modest colour print facility before growing to more capable facilities.

Superior Facilities

Give your guests better business support facilities than they will find in any other hotel.

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