Reducing Complexity

ITQ’s Business Facilities give your business guests unparalleled IT resources without tying up your hotel staff, without needing a 20-page manual and without requiring a dedicated IT department.

They provide their most advanced feature - wireless printing from anywhere in your hotel - through the simplest mechanism possible: email. Any device that can send an email can access the full range of printing options.

Guests who are used to being told that they can only print if they have a Windows laptop will be impressed to find they can print from whatever device they carry: MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, etc.

Protecting Your Revenue

Such a simple printing system helps guests and protects your source of revenue.

How often, for example, do your hotel staff oblige guests by printing documents on hotel printers at hotel cost? With ITQ's simple Business Facilities guests always print to their own account.

Bigger Revenue, Smaller Business Centre?

The ability to print from any device anywhere in the hotel also reduces your need to provide such a large business centre. If guests can print from their own device, the need for business centre computers is reduced.

Over time you can provide fewer of the facilities guests bring themselves and more of the facilities they can't carry. You replace facilities which are provided for free (computers) with facilities for which you charge (printing).

It's a more useful service to your guests and a more profitable service for you.

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Developing The Service Spectrum

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Reduce Complexity

Reduce the cost and complexity of providing business services.

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Case Study: Exclusive Hotels

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