Facilities to Suit Your Hotel

It is a long time since wireless Internet access has been a noteworthy service for hotels. Attracting today’s business guests requires something a lot more valuable, a beneficial service not offered by your competitors down the road.

ITQ's Business Facilities give your guests full printing facilities from wherever they are in your hotel using whatever computer, tablet or smartphone they prefer to use.

This flexibility alone makes ITQ's Business Facilities exceptional. What makes them unique is their ability to offer superior facilities without needing a large and expensive business centre.

Guests can print directly from their own devices or you can follow the more traditional route of equipping the business centre with computers. The same superb printing facilities are available whichever option you prefer.

Flexibility For Your Guests

The flexibility of ITQ’s Business Facilities will suit you and your guests. Many guests, for example, prefer to work in the privacy of their room or in a quiet area of your bar rather than in a business centre where somebody could be looking over their shoulder or disturbing them with phone calls.

Flexibility For Your Hotel

Even if you already have a business centre ITQ's Business Facilities expose a new range of possibilities. The space you currently dedicate to your business centre could be reduced. ITQ's Business Facilities give you the flexibility a monolithic business centre can't.

The impact on budgets is also hard to ignore. A smaller business centre is less expensive to equip, yet your ability to derive revenue and profit from it remains unchanged.

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Developing The Service Spectrum

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Tailored Facilities

Deploy flexible facilities to match available floorspace and budget.

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Case Study: Exclusive Hotels

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